• Nvidia speaks about how easy it is to develop / port for the NX! 0

    Nvidia speaks about how…

     -  The Nintendo Switch is set to launch in February and, sometime between now and then, we expect to hear something concerning a launch lineup for the nifty new home console. According…

    Thu 17th Nov 2016 - 4:08amRead More
  • AEeSports.Pro 1


    http://aeesports.pro is the new domain for Accelerated Evolution - in 30 days we will have 6 domains all pointing to the same page along with a 7th just pointing towards our livestream…

    Wed 16th Nov 2016 - 8:24amRead More
  • reddit 0


    Accelerated Evolution REDDIT has now launched! 

    Sun 30th Oct 2016 - 11:02pmRead More
  • BF1 eSports PC Squad - Info inside 0

    BF1 eSports PC Squad -…

    It's time for Accelerated Evolution to show what co-ordination and teamwork in a title that has two team members who QA tested and aided in the balance of the Multiplayer Weapons - We have the early advantage due to this. 

    Tue 18th Oct 2016 - 2:13pmRead More
  • DOOM - Update #3 - FFA DM (Which I competed in @ QuakeCon) & Private Lobbies (Birth of the DOOM DUEL eSports?) 1

    DOOM - Update #3 - FFA…

    DOOM - Update #3 - FFA DM (Which I competed in @ QuakeCon) & Private Lobbies (Birth of the DOOM DUEL eSports?)

    Sat 24th Sep 2016 - 2:13amRead More

    Accelerated Evolution…

    WinD, 5wagger and Kingspade will be playing as a 3 man for the RLCS - Opening match at 3:00 PM EST live…

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