Razer Core Values

Sat 29th Jul 2017 - 1:47am Gaming


Team Razer Core Values

The Core
The triple-headed snake still remains the core of our logo. The iconic symbol of Razer, representative of our history and the early pioneering of eSports. This stays with us forever.

The Athletes

The inner circle. The most crucial element. Representing those Esports athletes across the globe which strive for perfection. The Ambassadors of Team Razer.

The Community

Encompassing it all are you, the Esports community and those that make everything possible: the fans, the managers, the commentators, the journalists, the designers, and volunteers. Without you nothing is possible.

The Laurel Wreath

The laurel wreath: a symbol of absolute victory, dominance of your opponent, and accomplishment. An age-old symbol associated over time with the best - history's victors.

Finally, the core values of Team Razer. The tenets of those Esports professionals that carry its banner. 

1st star: professionalism - to set the standards for Esports athletes across the world 

2nd star: excellence - to merit great value, brilliance, and quality 

3rd star: integrity - to be honorable, virtuous, and truthful 

4th star: devotion - to improvement, and to the development and enrichment of Esports

Looking Forward
Finally, the new logo of Team Razer. Carefully worked and crafted as a constant reminder of the values and principles synonymous with being an Esports athlete in Team Razer.


All Four Core Values that we must abide by are now represented

Watch as our teams display these values @

Come and Share these values with us on Discord at



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