- Dec 2nd-5th - Gears of War 4: PC/Xbone Cross-Platform VERSUS play testing is underway, open to all & Fantastic -

Sun 4th Dec 2016 - 8:14am

(check out this footage of pre-cross platform play during the Day Zero Access on PC - while unrelated to the Crossplatform play it displays the potential for cross platform team oriented eSports in a title such as Gears of War 4. )

- Dec 2nd-5th - Gears of War 4: PC/Xbone Cross-Platform VERSUS play testing is underway, open to all & Fantastic while it may end December 5th, do not be surprised to see this implemented immediately after for all playlists.

Back in 1999, id software's Quake 3 Arena was the first competitive cross-platform play on both the PC and Sega Dreamcast. In the 17 years since that initial innovative move by Sega and id software Microsoft Studios and The coalition may have finally brought this much sought-after feature into the mainstream Multiplayer gaming and eSports scene.

Finally after months of waiting, the coalition has implemented pc vs. Xbox One cross platform competitive play. Thus far, Accelerated Evolution has only had about 1 hour of testing. At around 4 a.m. Eastern Standard Time WinD of Accelerated Evolution will continue our gears of War 4 cross platform competitive Esports testing via live stream. This is an exceptionally exciting time in the world of Esports. For the first time we actually have the ability to have professional teams that utilize console players alongside PC players. This grows into an even more exciting fact when you realize the opponents will be facing off against like set-up & rostered organizations.

From the reports of other players within other organizations who have also been testing this weekend's test the consensus is that despite the console having soft-aim with controllers the mouse and keyboard play against players with soft-aim seems to balance out the skill tiers equally. Accelerated evolution and be very excited to see Microsoft and the coalition bring Gears of War 4 PC and Xbox One cross-platform play into the $1,000,000 professional series.

In the future having both platforms playing the same title could correlate towards larger prize pools! With Gears of War 4 Microsoft not only sets a wonderful example for other Publishers and Developers to invest time within cross-platform competitive esports play. This potentially leads to more titles, players, tournaments, leagues and larger prize pools as the north American fan base has finally been exposed to the rapidly growing industry. It would be most beneficial for the coalition to implement this weekend's test into all game modes: playlists along with casual and ranked.

- Aeesports.Pro 12/4/2016 3:04 a.m. -



Kenneth Spaziani