Team AE will be unable to play the prior announced CC League, due to schedule conflicts

Thu 30th Jul 2015 - 8:31pm : Gaming

Team AE will be unable to play the prior announced CC League, due to schedule conflicts, we will be concentrating on Cevo, Razer Arena, Dingit Showmatches and the recent Semi-Invite for ESL Qualifiers for ESL Major from ESL Open. 

We also plan on starting to host showmatches for other lesser known teams while giving out the prize pool, and having bracket tournaments built into this web site, launchable through talks with the Xfire Development team and the match / tournament system they currently use. 

Aside from our and partnership, I've just been invited as a youtube partner for youtube's new gaming stream service, it is in beta at the moment but I shall try it out in hopes that it delets the majority of twitch users, as now from first impressions it would appear streams can instantly be archived. 

As always watch us live at - and -  - I look forward to being asked to cast more matches that are only in the German and Russian territories as I have over the past few weeks on Dingit, I hope everyone has enjoyed my color commentary that adds a bit of flavor. I appreciate all of the support cheering us on the dingit cup, we still need to get past one showmatch before that cup begins, and then the cup will be on lounge in it's winner and loser brackets similiar to how it dingit cups are usually shown. If the showmatch is to be rescheduled on CSGO Lounge, it will be posted here first.

Thank You all and I hope you understand that we need to elavulate our time and spread it across as many quality platforms as possible, while ensuring we do not exhaust our players with lesser divisions. 

We will see you all soon

- WinD 



Kenneth Spaziani