LawBreakers finds its true identity: CLOSED BETA March 16th-19th (new modes, maps, characters, abilities) - Two Videos Inside!

Wed 15th Mar 2017 - 7:44am Gaming

UT/Gears of War creative mind's new game AE loved in alpha - and tomorrows closed beta seems to be near feature complete.

Starts: March 16th - 9am PT / Noon ET / 4pm UTC
Ends: March 19th - 9pm PT / Midnight ET / 4am UTC

Chat with other LawBreakers fans, give feedback on the Beta, and find teammates for matches. Oh, and there's no NDA! Feel free to stream, create video content and share your BETA experience!
Also if you are WinD or Endigy you will pissing yourself to know you get an exclusive beta portrait for participating.
Closed Beta invite e-mails are now out - stating that today will be the beta key e-mails, although if like me you had participated in the alpha NO KEY should be needed and the game should update and just allow access from our alpha keys. Meaning... Do we have extra keys to spread around?

With the e-mail they provided a video that is marked as unlisted and luckily the beta is NDA free so expect more LB content, live-streams, highlights from AE than you can even imagine.
We know the game from all the tests prior - We kick ass at the game nearly always being the best and most productive players
Thus we will give you the best and true eSports player view of the game.
With that said in regards to eSports what has been added really cements this title as one that may just be unlike any other team shooter you have played before; rather than my alpha gut feeling which was "It reminds me of team shooters I've played but does it with a unique interesting gameplay / character mechanic spin that shines through with great pacing, abilities, registration of shots, hitscan / true kill requirements along with the fast frantic speed I would expect from the former Epic Games guru Cliffy B's imagination.
Now... Well take a look for yourself in these TWO videos - One from BOSS KEY GAMES and one from PAX EAST.


Closed Beta Unlisted Video


Pax East Shadowplay Footage


Come hang with AE on discord at - watch live on the AEESPORTS twitch ( ) - see if anyone in our stream team is grooving it out @ - Check Accelerated Evolutions youtube for more select highlights from the streams on twitch along with montage edits from various AE players points of view!

if your itching for more Law Breakers be sure to check out the videos on Accelerated Evolution's Youtube -
                         WinD / Endigy RIPPING PEOPLE APART
Finally heres the official video Boss Key Gaming was shown by Cliffy B during a meeting which decided the name change from the code title : Project Bluestreak to LAWBREAKERS

AE is Judas Priest - Everyone is the cop who thinks he is cool by playing a card board guitar.
think about it.
- WinD0wneD -





Kenneth Spaziani

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