WinD may put away the mouse and keyboard if he does not qualify for the Quake World Championship.

Mon 10th Jul 2017 - 12:32pm Gaming

Kenneth "WinD" Spaziani, Accelerated Evolution's CEO has spent the past 16 years in competitive eSports. 

Although due to some rather bias employees at ESL, it feels as if WinD is being punished just for keeping him from participating.

While WinD only missed the 2nd NA qualifier and had 3 wins deleted from his Ladder ranking (including the first official international ESL duel for Quake Champions: WinD vs Death *its on video*)
Due to seeing players get away with actually breaking the rules without any point deductions, while a small group of people smearing and target "The WinD" with deformation tactics.


"The last thing I want is for these groups of people to end up harming Accelerated Evolution as a whole. I do not want to see any players discourages from coming here. I do not want to see our current players and community members harassed due to these people and the fans that believe them. I do not want to hurt any of the partners we have who have stood next to me during far worse. It's been a long ride and I feel fresher than I have maybe in 8 or 9 years since the Unreal Tournament 3 run. That is what is keeping me from making this a 100% definitive announcement. I would just state at this time I believe it only fair to state I don't know what the future holds. We will have to re-evaluate my current standings in various game titles and decide if I need to retire or not."

If Kenneth "WinD" Spaziani puts away the Orbweaver and Deathadder Elite he will focus more on Accelerated Evolution without the stressful training schedules which would allow immediate responses to inquiries, businesses, players seeking a deal with AE and more importantly the players, staff, and members among AE now. Some of which are basically placed in a long queue and addressed a day or two later.
Aside from Accelerated Evolution, you can expect no matter what for WinD to continue his Gamer Sensei coaching for various titles. Content creation on Youtube Gaming and Twitch.TV/AEESPORTS.  Also a more involved approach to personally scouting young talent.

No matter the outcome and decision that will be decided by the end of August, Accelerated Evolution will be in good hands.
We have gained more deals in the past 3 months than over the past entire year and I am quite proud of everyone's hard work whether it be our friends over at Mobility-Gaming or the AEeSports players and staff.




Kenneth Spaziani