WinD's guide for maximum Twitch growth (The best services to retain viewers + make extra money)

Mon 17th Jul 2017 - 5:53am Gaming

WinD's guide for maximum Twitch growth

(The best services to retain viewers + make extra money)

7/17/17 1AM ET


Kenneth "WinD" Spaziani

It struck me that concurrent viewership and retaining viewers has been a struggle for many members of AE and MG. Despite quality content and consistent live-streaming presence "Alongside viral marketing how do you grow a Livestream?" and "How are you able to attract consistent viewers?" are regular questions I have been asked. I want to note that many of my fellow which many streamers are being streamed literally all day from my fellow Accelerated Evolution and Mobility Gaming members are not receiving the growth I feel they deserve. Thus I am going to list some aid I have used for my own stream which has brought both followers and retention among these viewers/followers that initially I was skeptical if they would check the stream out and/or stick around when I went live again.

Surprisingly some did stick around and eventually I began to notice returning faces. This is mainly from TwitchFollows - FollowTrain helps with viewers although we have no guarantee those viewers will end up following and showing back up for more content.

Here are a few USEFUL tools to grow your base viewership and follows.

 Twitch Follows

The Beauty of Twitch Follows is you can gain points by following a streamer and vice versa; these points can be used

to then set a price (in points) for others to follow you. Most people end up following you back after you follow them and gain points I have noticed. Perhaps 50% or more.
This is the #1 tool I have utilized to find concurrent viewers and followers that show back up. 
Everyone on twitch is a gamer, and perhaps not all the content you stream will be the sort of game they dig although if you hit them with the right sort of attitude as a streamer right off the bat - they will at the very least pop in and pop out from time to time. Another thing I have noticed is when playing a title such as "Overwatch" (when AE_JIN streamed OW on the AEeSports Channel) "PUBG" or "CSGO" these viewers/streamers end up showing up out of nowhere for games that are well known and that they may stream themselves. 

Twitch Follows is the absolute best way to gain new followers and concurrent viewers using a peer to peer platform.


I know that 1focus and a few others use to follow the train. this helps get viewers into your Livestream during the stream but does not guarantee that they will stay... 
Despite that negativity, I may be displaying it helps to be on top of the leaderboard thus I believe it best to create a schedule in which one day everyone on AE / Mobility rosters votes for the same person

the next day another person etc - give everyone a boost in the community.


Earn money once you have at least 1000 followers


Powerspike allows you to check the market place for brands that need representation, check requirements (how many sponsored streams) and the price range.
You enter your amount and pitch - The company/brand responds by accepting or rejecting the offer.



Above is an example of an offer via the marketplace

Above is creating a proposal within the price range - in this example, I decided to go 125 dollars below the max and add a bonus sponsored stream.

(above) This is how brands within the market place see your profile. - Now below we will look at the dashboard with information they cannot see


I hope this helps people initially receive more concurrent viewers and more followers while also showing an opportunity for you guys to all make money!

cheers and goodluck to all Accelerated Evolution & Mobility-Gaming members who are streaming!



Kenneth Spaziani