Opinion: DOOM's Infernal Run should be brought to Quake Champions as a casual mode to prepare players for Sacrifice.

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4:58:01 PM 07/30/2017

- Kenneth "WinD" Spaziani -
CEO Accelerated Evolution




I did not even know this game mode existed despite having countless hours playing DOOM, it was not until watching Accelerated Evolution's JIN playing DOOM's MP during the Free Trial I found out Doom integrated an interpretation of Bombing Run from UT2K3 or Uplink from the CoD series. Perhaps this was due to the fact that I stopped after the second MP DLC at that time to focus on a combination of Law Breakers and soon after the Quake Champions Family and Friends Test followed by CBT1. Personally, on the PC platform, I can see this being an exceptionally fun mode to play for DOOM and plan to give it a go to see if this opinion based off of one video holds water.

While some people have expressed criticism for Quake Champion's Sacrifice mode, I happen to love it - Although indeed the change that removed throwing the soul into the obelisks radius removed a bit of exciting play that existed. You could hit a jump pad or Rocket Jump for momentum and fling the soul across a large area to have it land within the obelisk, most exciting was the fact that people had been PREPARED for this; I myself Rocket Jumping towards the B Obelisk on DM6 (Blood Covenant) then off the wall with another RJ in order to intercept a soul being thrown from the other teams Anarki using a Rocket Jump on the Rail Curve to send it over the Armor Bridge which would have landed perfectly inside the goal. Not in my house! After our team scored it was my turn to return the favor; hitting the Mega after gaining a load of speed as Anarki on the Armor Bridge leading to the RL/Mega; I quickly 180'd my Rocket Jump which as intended sent me directly to the mega health and flung the soul for it to ricochet off the wall and land safely within the obelisk's circular radius. The teams NYX was quite clever and used the support beam below the initial impact spot to jump up then off of with her passive Wall Jump ability sending her DIRECTLY in front of the souls landing path. INTERCEPTED!

Her team-mate who was playing as the teams Heavy (Scalebearer) began a charge and via voice comms quickly planned out that he would charge towards her to grab the soul and take it to the Underhalls near the armor shard towards the portal to the Power; instead keeping the charge steady to the left to quickly drop down to the middle and shuffle up the stairs to cap the Obelisk. Immediately as he began his charge towards Nyx, she used her ability to go invisible and try to hunt whoever had thrown the soul her way (me. She was looking for blood) - That play they had planned in practice made a perfect display of what the Quarterback (or Quakerback) would do while running the option; or perhaps during a designed reversal toss to the RB. The soul traveled about a foot forward and was leading Scale's charge towards it - it was a moment I wish I had filmed as it was a perfect execution of American Football; A QB toss from the QB going Invisible while the FULLBACK ScaleBearer tucks it and runs for a touchdown.
Basically, I miss the ability to throw the soul into the radius of the obelisk. 
More importantly, Sacrifice while deeply strategic and rewarding is not going to be a mode that new players will be able to rapidly adapt. This is where I believe COD's Uplink or UT2k3's Bombing Run style mode added to DOOM (2016) could be a game changer for the new players in the coming months and the new players upon the official launch of the game.

I believe that in theory it should and could end up being a game changer for those new players coming in currently, more importantly, the new players who end up arriving upon the games Launch Day. - and for quake... With the speed and air control of Anarki or the Strafe Sliding of Slash to get around the map with very high speed - Something that DOOM traded away (strafe jumping / any need for a speedometer) in exchange for the double jump. We see more and more gamers building or buying PC's who are brand new to the PC platform. While Quake Champions is going to test them in every capacity; the combination of a near limitless skill ceiling along with aim and movement still winning the day over abilities will make it tough not only for those transitioning as a console gamer but to those who are jumping into Quake Champions for the first time (that want to play the mode they watched at QuakeCon for a 300K 1st place prize pool. Duel is easy enough to understand, but when you ask new players to wait it out until they are very competent as a player and have competent team-mates in order to queue for sacrifice... you may have asked too much and end up losing them prior to getting them hooked on Quake. 
It does not help that solo queuing or playing without a full group of 4 players in Discord Voice puts the game into a severe strategic advantage
I am not saying that in game voice will cure everything I am bringing up, but it will be of aid for those new players and is a MUST in regard to integration. Law Breakers using Discord for the voice comms was a brilliant move and is the direction I feel Quake should adapt. It is the most widely used VOIP/Gaming Chat software as of 7/30/2017 and only grows larger by the day.
No, I am not just pitching Discord due to having a partner ship with them. 
To quote Spock - To do otherwise would be highly illogical.

FINALY: In Conclusion

Sacrifice is Fantastic! 
As someone who practiced with his team for the QWC and performed exceptionally well during our time on the NA qualification Live-Stream (two 30 second clips below) I can state it took quite a bit of time to strategically plan our methods of Map-Control, rotating which champions to keep certain areas on lock down and utilizing bait and switch mechanics with 2 - 3 team-mates to gather the enemy team as a distraction to pick up the Armor, Powerup and Quad Spawn (First video below). 
To add a mode such as Infernal Run to Quake Champions would add a simplistic "pre-cursor" to the more "elite" Sacrifice mode. The maps can stay the same which is more than a good thing. It makes it far easier for the developers to decide that this is in-fact a good idea. The only question is how the goal would be implemented. Would it be the way Uplink and Infernal Run have a portal (Interdimensional Portal!) or would it take from Sacrifice, Bombing Run and Lawbreakers Blitzball to just pass on top of the area. Remember from earlier; you can give fewer points for a throwing goal if you'd like, but allow it to count. Even in Sacrifice if possible; create a 5-10 second window that has points increased slowed by 50-75% if the ball was thrown rather than ran in; then for the Infernal Run style game mode that PREPARES players for Sacrifice and would be a VERY EASY mode for players of any skill level to solo queue and just have "work" minus the VOIP requirements of Sacrifice nor many Team related choices on who is selecting who in order to play. 

It is one reason that we see Sacrifice Queues for match making barren but we see endless pugs both among NA & EU players all day in various different Discord servers including Accelerated Evolutions. Discord is our modern IRC; Back in the original ruleset creation days of competitive Quake (1996), IRC was that place to be (and in some groups still is) ICQ dominated by the release of Quake 3 and had IRC integration; Times have changed and most people prefer not to use in game Voice even in titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive due to the quality difference between in game and Discord. Although Discord should not be ignored as a VOIP option and INFERNAL RUN should not be ignored as a relatively easy game mode to be added into the game. We know that sacrifice is balanced. All we have to worry about now is player team size, and I say 3v3 for an INFERNAL RUN style mode. - Have one dedicated defensive player; One mid map battling for power ups and map control while the head runner usually would be the Anarki/Slash or due to how awesome we have become with Clutch after his movement patch was integrated - clutch is a CLUTCH runner, and a tough one to take down.
Speaking of Clutch; his shield should block any pass and throw towards the goal which would give him flexibility as the Defender, The mid-level roamer or the front man. Just as Slash's strafe slide makers her ideal for all three as well despite being squishy. A slide-curved throw for a score? Yes, please. A sliding take out up close with the Shotgun or Shaft? Yes Please, speed capped lighting quickness turned into an interruption intercepting the other teams pass? once more. YES PLEASE.

I want what is best for the future of Quake Champions.
I want it due to being a life time id Software fanboy.
I want it due to having a life time of Death Match turned into Team Fortress Mod or years later into URBAN TERROR/Action Quake or Duel/CTF/TDM/Rocket Arena & Clan Arena

I want it so every player can experience the thrill of competition like in these two clips below.
Finally, I want to thank you for reading.

- Kenneth "WinD" Spaziani -
CEO Accelerated Evolution
4:58:01 PM 07/30/2017

I want every potential Quake Player the chance to experience
Moments like this one!


I also want that satisfaction of swooping in to steal the soul to be achieved by any player

Having a mode that warms the players into Sacrifice such as Infernal Run would allow that.
This is a CLUTCH play during the QWC NA Qualifier. I am proud of the entire broadcast;
I want players to be proud of every moment they stream, record or experience 
with the same intensity and excitement I had during these two examples.

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