DXRACER Releases the official QWC Chair and WinD buys it in seconds

Mon 7th Aug 2017 - 7:44pm : Gaming

08/07/2017 15:19 PM EDT by Kenneth "WinD" Spaziani 

When Choosing a Gaming Chair Perhaps matching the Team Jersey and logo color scheme is a huge plus.
As much as I adore this photo and use it for ESL and every tournament/cup/ladder profile image - That brown chair is not doing much for the AE RED/BLACK.

Looks like in a few days WinD will be playing at the highest level, streaming with the sexiest color scheme
Fragging in DM, TDM, Sacrifice Matches / Pugs and Dominating Duels...
All while matching with this brand new DXRACER LIMITED EDITION QUAKE Gaming Chair


Yes I will be adding Satechi remote control LED's (RED)
Check out the Red, Black & White Outlining of the chair,
it is as if the chair was designed to match our Jersey!



Preferably the Realm of Black Magic, Damn Slipgates!

Ranger... err I mean Anarki - wait wait wait Alright. Me, Myself and I will end up doing an unboxing video along with putting it together on live-stream both at along with as we announce our upcoming Quake Champions tournament schedule Funded mostly by AE with a few cups having a set prize pool alongside additional donation and maybe a $2.50-$5.00 dollar sign up fee.

Do you want one?
You can check them out right HERE! ( Quake Special Edition Product Page)

If mine doesn't arrive asap I'm going to be FLIPPING SOME TABLES! -cough-





Kenneth Spaziani