Favorite AE Twitch Clips - TONS More Incoming!

Tue 19th Sep 2017 - 11:26pm Gaming

WinD of AE - (more to be added)

- PUBG - WinD gets run-over by Squad Member (expecting them to slow down) -

- Bethesda Official Stream - Pete Hines points towards WinD for TESLegends aid -

- Late Night with RedSeal WinD Coins "SEAL of Approval" -

while discussing WinD's #1 NA Quake Ranking foQuake Champions

- Accelerated Evolution vs. SXEdge 4v4 Quake Champions QWC NA Qualifier WinD's Quad Lightning Gun Team Wipe -

- Quake Champions: WinD Slash Slides #4 -

 - Carnage's POV - Quake Champions - WinD's cutoff with Scalebearer -

- ESL Archive - Quake Champions First Duel EVER: WinD VS Death - Final 60 Seconds! -

- Quake Champions WinD Stomp Kills AE's Waitforit at the end of a Sacrifice Pug -

- PUBG - WinD's Crowbar WinD0wnage


- Quake Champions - WinD turns 2v2 TDM around in last 90 seconds -

- PUBG - WinD and DomoAllen take out Drunk Driver

- LAWBREAKERS - Don't you want to goto your home ball?

- PUBG - Wind's Ghetto Blaster aggro leaves him dead in the grass

- Quake Champions - The Boomstick Skeet Shooting Part 1-

- Quake Champions - The Boomstick Skeet Shooting Part 2-





Kenneth Spaziani

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