Hair Regrowth - DHT is the Culprit - What Product Gives the Best Chance of Successful Hair Regrowth?

  • Mon 23rd Oct 2017 - 10:55am

    Thinning hair is one of the major causes of social embarrassment  Ultra FX 10 Review in our population. Men and women, particularly women, find that advancing baldness is very upsetting. Whilst some people try to make baldness fashionable by shaving their hair the reality is that it is not. Many people would like to know how to affect hair regrowth. DHT is the culprit, what is the solution?

    The vast majority of hair loss problems is caused by an inherited condition called pattern baldness. Both men and women can suffer from pattern baldness though it is more common in men. Men and women also suffer from pattern baldness a little differently, men often losing larger amounts of their hair which can result in bald spots right through to almost complete baldness whilst women tend to experience thinning hair more than complete baldness.


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