TopicThe pro scene right now. Thoughts and comments?

  • Fri 6th Nov 2015 - 3:07pm

    So the 3rd and final valve sponsered major of 2015, Cluj Napoca, has come to an end and its about that time of year to reflect on what we saw this year in the pro scene and whats going to be happening. Durig the major there wasn't a lot of super star players making super star plays that they normally make but instead we saw some smaller players from the underdog team making plays they could only dream of, specifically referencing Coldzera, and JKAEM. Along with this Envyus has been crowned the best team in the world and fnatic has been dethroned and put back into 3rd (under TSM). NiP was knocked out in the semi-finals, which is the farthest theyve made it since their last major win, and all 3 teams from the U.S., Cloud9, CLG, and Liquid were eliminated in the group stages, which proves that the U.S. has a huge gap in their skill level and/or tactical level because when you watch the games the U.S. teams were shooting great but their tactics and reactions were on par with LE level players from MM. So the question is, are there changes to be made in the American team rosters, (Excluding Liquid since they just brought on Hiko). 

  • Mon 9th Nov 2015 - 8:12pm

    The professional CSGO scene is getting scary big - I'm at the point where I am seeing teams come out of nowhere to shine in the spotlight - when We (as in those who had been associated with my former team XI Geforce eSports) played against T1 teams.... it was a set of teams and players that never changed - now every other week a new esports team comes into light - and in all honesty its rather awesome and scary at the same time - all the young talent that my old wrists cant keep up with hahaah :(

    CEO and IGLfor all AE titles. Former Lead of XI eSports, AE is a vision of player freedom and equality. 2013 eSports Hall
  • Wed 11th Nov 2015 - 3:14am

    Hey plasma!! I don't think we've met in game or on GameVox yet. 
    I am Lauren! 

    I like think that mm yno like counter strike fans are the wosrt in e - sprots compared to moba fansbases or like blizzard titles. I know from kenny the quake esports fans r realyl nice and same 4 unreal tourny. 

    the 1 thing i really wanted to talk abuot is like all girl teams. I adore kenny for mixing girls with the guys as like a lot of organizations think theirs an unfair advantage to girls against boys n its not true. u see like 100% girls versus 100% girls in SEPERATE LAN EVENTS! tehy are like blocked from the psot lite n it dont make n e sense cuz we can do anything the "bro's" can do dont matter waht genre or what game it is too. I dont get pushed against girls only in hearthstone, i was just at blizzcon repping AE in hearthstone and played vs some of the best guys n gals in the game. i sat in for heroes of the storm but the team lost in 2nd rnd and 4 overwatch event i top fragged in all 4 games whiel doing objectives more than like any o my  teamies or the opposition!

    for csgos i was asked to join an all girls streaming esports team n said F-U like on twitch its like al these girls who play cs go but suck n they have a full comunity on twitchtv that makes tons o dough! it shows like the main page n a list of wach girl streamer all skimpy dressed n boobs popping out 3/4ths the way getin like CRAZy donation from all thes desperate men n i dont want to be known as soem bimbo who instead of havin a real job cash in on my look s n like n ot even kno how 2 play but be famous N E WAY? no way. i want to peeps to watch me bcuz i am talented not bcuz im part of a stream team of girls who would blow a guy for 5 or 6 bucks if it came to it.

    i bet all these girls like after they do a game twitch livestraem r like on thoose cam model websites n bringin guys into priv-ate mode for like 5 $ a min lol! i willing to bet i am right.

    my point is cs go is broken in esports rite now because organiz's (NOT AE, AE IS SETTIN THE RITE XAMPLE) bcuz the owner s are sexist n believe girl s ned 2 b only plaing with ohrter bitches. i was told by a friedn who was part of this team called kitty soemthing team for go n like the owner of kitty or w/e dint care bout the win or losses only how much cleveage is shown or like how short the shorts are for matcihing team jerseys cuz money comes in from men jerking it to cum nstead of coming to watch for skill.

    sry if i went off topic.

    <3 laur

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