Challonge Hearthstone Invitational Summer WHC #2 Finals Wed 18th May 2016



Match Info

Best of Five


4 Classes; one veto from each side
WinD chose a Druid due to Shaman and Druid decks always being "scary" while having a very interesting but not wuite as play tested Druid deck in hopes it would be insta-banned and luckily Xeriphae banned Druid leaving wind with
Hunter, Priest, Mage

Hunter Deck: Pet Sounds 72% Win Rate (A Very Strong Princess Huhuran, Sylvanas, N'Zoth The Corrupter Deathrattle Hunter.)

Priest Deck: Knillson 80% Win Rate (Took a combination from the Moonfand Dragon Priest Deck with the Vanilla Moonfand Shadow / Control deck to combine cards like Malygos, Chillmaw, Midnight Drake, Twilight Gaurdian, Azure Drake, BloodMage Thalnos with Sylvanis, Herald Volajz, Shadowfiend, Thoughtsteal, Shadow Madness, Cabal Shadow Priest, Forbidden Shaping - even 2x powerword tentactles with 2x power word shield's in aid of an odd choice of having two twisted worgans' for dire circumstantial buffing - removals and spell damage a plenty with Entomb, Holy Nova, Holy Fire, Holy Smite.

Mage Deck:  Nilsson 63% Win Rate (30 singular card choices for reno heal with deathwing dragonlord / N'Zoth the corruptor - thus a deathrattle reno deck amplified with ice block and plenty of spells - Malygos, Ysera, Rend Blackhand, Blackwind Corruptor mixed with very good card draw and high damage spells).

Druid Deck: And The Druids Turn To Stone - 56% Win Rate (Based off of the 4 drop Fandral allowing any "Choose One" ability of Druid cards to be both implemented - Along with board clears spells and the big ole Canerius, Ancient of War, Mire Keeper, Druids of the CLaw, Flame and of the Saber goodiness mixed with Beat cards in relation to buffing other beats and getting card drops - Worked well as the finisher for 4 wins needed).